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Audiology Services

  1. Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations:
    This is a complete hearing test with outer, middle and inner ear testing. This includes:
    • Otoscopic examination: Checks if the ear is free of wax or external build up of any fluid.
    • Tympanometry is a test that analyzes the middle ear function to rule out infections or perforations in the ear drum.
    • Otoacoustic emissions emissions is a test that checks the integrity of the inner ear cochlea ( the nerve) responses and is an objective measurement of hearing.
  2. Hearing Aid Evaluation
    After a hearing test is completed the patient is educated about the status of their hearing sensitivity. If a hearing impairment is detected a patient is scheduled for a hearing aid evaluation during which he or she is further educated about their hearing loss and how it may affect their quality of life. A patient is presented with choices of hearing aid options and variety of styles that will most proficiently accommodate their taste and frequent listening situations.
  3. Tinnitus Evaluation
    A patient that suffers from ringing in their ears will be questioned and evaluated for tinnitus masker device eligibility. If the patient is suffering from ringing in the ear an appropriate device will be recommended for their tinnitus. Many times a hearing aid may solve the problem with tinnitus.
  4. Musician Ear Plugs and IEM
    We specialize in musician plugs and in the ear monitor impressions. If you are a musician and are not currently using ear protection devices we strongly encourage a use of ear plugs that are geared especially for musicians. The plugs vary in the level of attenuation they provide. Our audiologist will advise as to what level of attenuation will be optimal for your instrument or listening situations. In the ear monitor ear impressions are also done for those musicians that use the IEM system.

Our Hearing Aid Brands:

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