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About our Hearing Center

Welcome to Primary Audiology Hearing Center! We differentiate ourselves with outstanding patient services by addressing to each individual’s specific needs. We perform hearing evaluations and educate our patient on the sensitivity of their hearing. If hearing loss is detected, our hearing professional’s expertise will enable you to get information about the extent of your hearing loss, how it affects your daily life activities and present to you an array of different hearing aid options to maximize your quality of life! Call us today and schedule your free hearing screening.

Primary Audiology is a state of the art hearing healthcare center that is committed to offering comprehensive audiological services to our patients. Our mission is to reach out to those with hearing difficulty and address their hearing and communication needs with top quality products and service. Our staff is highly experienced and professional. Our audiologists have a doctorate degree in Audiology (AuD) and are licensed to dispense hearing instruments in the State of New York. We will strive to provide you with high quality hearing healthcare that will make your journey to better hearing most pleasurable.

We at Primary Audiology are looking forward to addressing your hearing needs with the best tools at hand: CARE, QUALITY AND EDUCATION.