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Welcome to Primary Audiology

Our Philosophy

Hear Better, Live Better!  

We help our patients achieve their best possible hearing to improve their quality of life.

Welcome to Primary Audiology where for over 10 years we have been helping our patients all over New York community to hear better with cutting edge technology and patient centered approach. Our office provides a range of diagnostic hearing services and treatments. Our audiologist Dr. Natalya prides herself with her ability to understand her patients’ hearing difficulties and to relate to their hearing experiences first hand due to her own hearing impairment and hearing aid use. Dr. Levi cares deeply for her patients’ satisfaction and holds herself to the highest standard of patient care. She is committed to providing a positive and fulfilling hearing experience for each patient. Therefore, she constantly educates herself about new hearing technology and research to help her patients achieve their greatest hearing potential.

Hearing Care Services

Our History

Since our founding in 2009, Primary Audiology has been on the cutting edge of technology.

Since our founding in 2009, Primary Audiology has been at the frontlines of hearing care services for our patients. We work with the most advanced hearing technology on the market to ensure that patients receive sophisticated and reliable hearing aids with features that are compatible to their lifestyles. Some of our partners include Oticon, Starkey, Signia, Phonak and Widex.  

Dr Levi completed her Bachelor's Degree and Master of Science Degree at Hunter College in the field of Audiology. She received her Doctorate in Audiology from University of Florida . She has a 15 year experience working with adults who have hearing difficulties and has treated over a thousand of patients with hearing loss.

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Dr Natalya Levi, AuD

How Does Hearing Loss Impact The Brain?


Hearing is one of the most important senses that affects our brain and its ability to interpret sounds. Our hearing is paramount to the brain’s cognitive function it’s ability to maintain neural connections intact. When we hear sound, our ear brings the sound to the brain and that in turn causes neurons to fire. When hearing loss occurs the brain's neural firing is diminished, the neural connections start to atrophy and that may lead to other cognitive problems such as memory loss and even dementia. Here is the link to an article that links hearing loss to cognitive decline. When you take care of your hearing you in turn take care of your brain and prevent further neural deterioration and cognitive decline.

About Our Practice

Hearing Technology

Today’s hearing aid devices and hearing aid accessories can do simply amazing things.

The days of large chunky hearing aids are long gone. The latest in hearing technology is discrete and full of useful technology. Some of these features are:

  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Buzzing and Whistling Cancellation Technology
  • Bluetooth Phone Communication
  • Direct Streaming of Phone Calls
  • Water Repellent Technology
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Very informative, Great professional doctor kind knowledge explained all details and offer resolution. Will go back again. 5 star highly recommend.

Magic Natalya is her name and sharp hearing is her game. I will never play any tunes with any other audiologist. You hear what I’m saying? The formal is Dr. Levi, but Ms. Magic works ok. So listen up…if you can. If not, start tapping them keys.

I get treated w/ the utmost care and professionalism. Good Doctor to visit for all your hearing needs.

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